Steelers WR Brown’s new season salary rises

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown signed a new contract before the extension.

According to the NFL official reporter Mike Garafolo, Brown agreed to restructure a contract, will also expire in the 2017 season, with the team, but his salary of new season rises to $10.25 million.

Antonio Brown

The rescheduled contract may be a prelude to a bigger contract. The 28-year-old Brown has been selected to the Pro Bowl four times, he completed 375 catches for 5031 yards and 31 touchdowns in the past three seasons. In 2014 season, Brown ranked No.1 with 1698 yards among the league, and last season ranked No.2.

According to people familiar with news that the Steelers promised to give Brown a new contract next year when they were restructuring of the contract.

Such a contract restructuring becomes somewhat like an annual tradition for the Steelers and Brown. Almost a year ago, Brown’s recombinant let him earn another $2 million in 2015.

Now the only question is how much the Steelers will pay for the long-term contract extension. Steelers signed a valuable contract at the first signing, but they may pay much more the second time.